Commercial Cleaning At Elite Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning:-

At Elite cleaning services we understand that a professional and comprehensive cleaning service is needed for your restaurant. Due to the nature of the restaurant business a good cleaning regime is of up most importance to the success of the establishment, not only for customers and staff, but to also satisfy health and safety strict guidelines.

A clean restaurant environment will reduce the chances of any bacteria being passed onto customers and ruining the restaurants reputation.

We work with you within a time that suits you the best, either during opening hours, after closing time or both. Though the best time is after closing time or early before opening time.

Our services include:

  • Toilets Cleaned Daily - Public & Staff
  • Window Cleaning, Inside & Out
  • Industrial kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Computer & Offices Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floors Cleaned & Polished
  • Waste Recycling
  • We Work When It Suits You
  • Area Managers Check For Quality Control
  • Only Highly Trained & Reliable Cleaners
  • Cleaning includes - Microwaves, Dish & Washing Machines, Deep Fat Fryers, Stoves, Hobs, Ovens

We have since we started our cleaning business invested a great deal of time in our staff, equipment and service. That in turn provides us with the skills needed to provide your business with an excellent cleaning service. A clean restaurant environment is essential for our client`s customers and we understand the need for a cleaning service of the highest standard.

We are experienced cleaners and you can trust us to be reliable and get the job done.

All our work is fully Guaranteed Call us today to arrange a free quotation 07525 233844

  • Understands The Restaurant Environment
  • Top-Notch Cleaning Staff
  • Incredible Attention To Detail Clearing
  • Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions
  • Affordable Prices

The cleaning team you can trust!